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To the site admins: Trolls and Abusers


To the site admins

Guys, i’d suggest to disable negative ratings (i.e. thumbs down), not having an option to “dislike” made facebook what it is today (it was the first, and still one of the very few websites, which disallows negative reviews)

Or, alternatively, allow negative rating only for people with a certain credit (this is how e.g. stackexchange,com works), e.g. in your current rating scheme they must have published (at least) a product which ranks 80% or higher, so that it will be really hard for them to create a fake product page, then register a bunch of free email address, and then just vote themselves up in order to get the privilege.

Take a look at the latest themes published/updated today (Jan 13 1028), they all received a “grateful” thumbs down from this ‘xfcegure’ moron who’s profile lists 0 (zero) contributions on opendesktop,org. Allowing such people to rank is extremely disengaging for us the content creators, and i think the opendesktop,org site admins should do something to stop these morons to fool around and just p*ss on our voluntary, and many times hard, work.

This is my contribution, gratefully rewarded by this moron with thumbs down:


Hi gyll,

thanks for the insights.
We are indeed thinking about a fair and transparent Rating mechanism that doesn’t allow for easy abuse, but it could take another few weeks.
Fair Ratings is one of the hardest topics anywhere on the internet, so even Amazon, Hotel-sites, Yelp, etc. are still affected one way or the other.
We hope to find a solution that allows for transparent ratings for those who value it and still giving an accurate information that comes with such ratings at the same time.
Stay tuned. :slight_smile:


Thank You for the quick reply, i’ll definitely stay tuned :slight_smile:

Again, facebook’s no-negative-reviews policy seems the best (and simplest) approach to me (of course, just like facebook, you’ll still keep the “report this” button), but sure, if you can come up with something better, why not