Vandals. Again!

No, please stop this pointless line of argument (reddit does it, etc), explain where the value of a ‘-’ is for as long as you have a “report” button (see the edit that i just made to my post above).

No matter how much i try looking into it, i can see ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE for an UN-MODERATED ‘-’ button, at least on a site like this. There MAY be some value for a ‘-’ where the sheer number of potential negative votes/day is so large that votes cannot be moderated, but NOT ON THIS WEBSITE. People put too much effort into their work and they have better things to do than policing their work, reporting abusers, and accumulating tons of frustration with vandals.

Removing the ‘-’ button, together with providing a vote removal (“unlike”) option is THE ONLY way forward.

I’m fed up with this, either remove that un-moderated ‘-’ button or i’m out, the frustration i get far outweighs the benefits of having my theme posted here.

My previous report (To the site admins: Trolls and Abusers) about another vandal ‘xfcegure’ ( was left with no reaction on your behalf, his negative vote remained both on my theme and on all the other themes he decided to bang that day, and his account has not been deleted to this day, so much for your taking care of these morons.

You remark w/r to this ‘bascha’ moron’s voting being inconsistent with his comments is also irrelevant, people like him may well decide to upvote the lowest-ranked and/or unmaintained/obsoleted themes while downvoting the highest-ranked themes just to create the illusion of a legitimate vote, etc.
Again, removing the un-moderated downvoting (’-’) option is the only way i can think of for keeping these morons at bay, i just can’t see any other way (well, except maybe for an elaborate scheme wherein the votes themselves have a rank/value based on the other votes, e.g. a negative vote will have little to no value if the overall negative votes count for only a small fraction of the total number of votes, etc - but even such an approach is subtly tricky).

Your remark/claim about “freedom of speech” is also invalid. So let’s just give the green light to nazi parties in Germany, to the N-word in the US, and all of that, right? What people like the ones i reported do have nada to do with “freedom of speech”, it’s plain moronic attitude and more like “hate speech” than anything else.