No payout for two months

I’ve been getting the PayPal API error again for 2 months.

Please initiate payouts manually.

Administration, please answer my question.

We will have to check this again in more detail. We ask for a little patience.

Thanks, and have a nice day!

It’s been 20 days since my problem report and 2 weeks since the last message (about additional verification). The situation has not changed.

We have looked again more closely. There was an error message from Paypal :

The email account Receiver not in receive money enabled country is based in a country that isn’t enabled to receive payments

I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do.

Please tell me in what currency the funds are being sent at the moment (if this currency is not available, I will add it).

Thank you.

If my information is correct, payments will be made in EUR. However, I am not sure if this is relevant because the error message says that the country to which the email belongs cannot receive payments. There can be several reasons for this. For example, technically, because Paypal does not have the infrastructure or licence to pay out there. Or it could be regulatory, meaning that payouts are restricted or prevented by law.

Thanks, I will try to discuss this with PayPal support.

Good day.
This is official answer from PayPal:

Having reviewed your PayPal account, I inform you that there are no restrictions or blocks on your account for receiving transfers. At the same time, I inform you that you, like other users of Ukrainian accounts, can only accept personal payments (transfer to a friend or relative). Due to the lack of personal payments in these regions, you will not be able to receive a transfer from the following countries: China, Taiwan, Korea, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, UAE, Argentina, Israel, Mexico.

Payments from organizations, withdrawals of funds from various sites are commercial transactions, therefore they will be rejected by the system, and the funds will be returned back to the sender.

Also, the transfer will not work if the sender is an individual, but selects a commercial payment type when sending.

You are important to us and therefore we try to expand our capabilities, such as receiving commercial transfers (payment for goods or services), as quickly as possible, however, due to the complexity of financial legislation, it takes some time to add certain functions, so we will inform you as changes are made.

Can you help me?

Hmm, ok sounds not good and limits our possibilities massively. I’ll discuss this in the team if we can find any solution.

I tried to send the money via the “Send money” function. Let’s see if this works.

Yes, just received for June. But April and May payout never came. Can you initiate a manual payout for previous mothns?

Under comment is recieved.

So far so good. For the payout of the previous months I have to ask, because it is not so that we have the money somewhere surplus. We simply thrown it into the payout pot for next month. So I’m afraid the answer will be no.

Did I understand correctly that you first asked me to wait 2 months to solve the problem, and then said that we could not do anything because a lot of time had passed?

This looks funny…

My first post was here:

I immediately pointed out that the payment for April was frozen.

And so far nothing has happened.

And here, with a similar problem, they were able to pay me for the previous months:

I still ask for consideration of my question (because the payments were missed through no fault of mine).

P.S. In the status for April payout, please wait (stay tuned).

Good afternoon. I correctly understtod that the answer was given earlier and there will be no revision?
Thank you.

Good afternoon. Let’s end this thread, shall we? Answer something…

Thank you.

I’m sorry, I have no way of starting a backdated payout for the past few months.

Ok, thanks for callback.