User in bad faith?


If Adwaita wasn’t such an ugly appearance ? Adwaita is only interested in touch-friendly UI. Hence the enormous padding everywhere. No wonder people start to tinker with it. They seem to have lost the feeling with their original user-base: the desktop-users. All the new widgets have only one purpose: to make them compatible with a mobile-version. Yes, their is a phone-version of gnome, believe it or not.
So, we feel we have an obligation to the desktop-users to present them with an alternative. In fact, it is the theming that keeps the user-base from flocking away to KDE.


What do you want? An award for saving GNOME users? Saved from what? KDE did a great job, if you don’t like the direction GNOME has taken why do you continue to hack it?


if you don’t like the direction GNOME has taken why do you continue to hack it?

You said it yourself: because gnome simply ignores it biggest user-base. Gnome has taken a wrong turn. period. But it still is the most polished version of a gtk-environment. And btw, the easiest to theme properly if you know how.
But I see that you have set your mind on things, and are destined to set our theming-community in a bad daylight. This is trolling, not helping.


No more bad words without screenshots please.
Maybe you have a very hard time in real live.
Maybe for you adwaita is the only good design.


Maybe you are one of those who think these hacks are fine so, anyone leaves negative ratings is frustrated. It is not so. People have different standards, what is acceptable to you may not be acceptable to others. It is convenient to discredit user complains, but fewer and fewer people will remain.



You can notice five different shades:
toolbar #403d3a
sidebar #36322d
iconview #34312b
title #4b4845
dialog #3f3b35

This is not your fault?


How do you hope users can use this shitty theme when in chrome you make active tab invisible?

And with this I’m done. I’ve had enough of all you losers still deluding yourselves that you can create themes.


Just stay on the moon with palemoon.

Can you make points where you did measure the color values. There is a shadow from your window. Also the colors look good . No problem there


The toolbar is gray and has nothing to do with the theme color, each part is different, are you blind? This is not a bug, the color codes are the same since Gtk exists, if you don’t even know where to measure them it means that you have never written a css and you are not credible. In your opinion I need to change the browser and stop syncing my phone bookmarks and passwords. You are sick and no longer deserve an answer.


LOL :joy:


that would be a nicd gtk theme widget:

button {
box-shadow: inset 0px 0px 0px 0px rgba (0,0,0,0);
border-style: none;
background-color: rgba (0,0,0,0);
color: rgba (0,0,0,0);
Tell me what it does!!


its ok to not like themes but have some respect and class g


I agree, upon going through his/her comments.
0 contributions!
Very negative on the whole, poor comments, no feedback on how to improve products that he/she rates poorly & swearing? Really?! Just poor conduct on the whole and not in any way a positive addition to our community.
This ‘user’ should be removed please.


For what absurd reason I have to provide explanations or help to all of you. If you don’t accept negative votes, why do they exist? Ask OpenDesktop to remove this feature, right? I am polite as long as you argue seriously, not if you act like children.


Authors like PaulXfce have been here for 10 years making themes and have not learned anything if still can’t color a Chrome tab that is the most used browser in the world, you explain this to me!


What about China?



Please believe in your own strength as we all do here. I have a suggestion that is easily doable for a smart person like yourself: Just make a desktop theme on your own. Next step: Post it online. Then this wonderful worldwide community on pling is able to test , comment and understand your well written and drawn masterpiece. Looking at it would and will always be a blessing for the whole world.


One has to wonder why you tell others what to do in their time, especially when it is Opensource that is meant to be adjusted and extended however one likes, if the main developers agree or not.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t be open source/libre software, it would be open core, aka look but don’t touch.
Why do you care if other people enjoy and love what they’re doing in their time?


Where do you see written that these developers have to change hobbies? I don’t care, they’re free to write any crap for themselves, but when it’s downloaded to thousands of computers, it affects us all.


Some example from high voted themes:



This should be a right-click menu?


@winten the arrows show when you cahnge themes sometime. For the bug on bottom. Logout and relogin tocheck if it still exists.

Bugfix should be easily doable. Don’t know what file manager this is. Could be nemo. But not 100% sure.m