User in bad faith?


Check this user’s comments here:


I second that. Remove him please


Not nice his comments and ratings most times. Saw them too. However its almost a tradition here on gnome-look that from time to time such comments or downvotes occur.
Maybe it would be best if the admins here check his comments and decide if he needs to be banned or not.


All your themes are broken for one reason or another, do you want screenshots? There are no excuses.


what is the gtk version on your system? Which applications are you using.? How long do you use gtk3?


It is not the theme creators fault most times. In the past gtk3 css changed very quick. You need to accept that small glitches might occur.


I’m on ubuntu bionic, so don’t tell me it’s the fault of the old apps because it’s an LTS version. I can understand old themes with old api, but not any new that breaks already working stuff.


You don’t even give us good feedback to try to solve these glitches


You can’t call small glitches on window edges or meter-wide menus, buttons that can’t be clicked or cpu crazed.


Are you using gnome or mate or xfce or cinnamon?
Do you have an nvidia graphics card?
Am using bionic too…


Why are you the only one who has these problems? Why did no one complain but you? … What if you have a problem with your distro … did you even searched for this problem on the Internet?


First we need @winten to provide some information including screenshots.
What is his graphic driver?

Also i would recommend to use compton. Sometimes it fixes some issues.


Someone above claims that I’m the only one, but I would like to remind that most popular themes here have very few votes, a ridiculous figure compared to the thousands of visits. Most themes are trashed without any feedback for search others, too bad they all suffer glitches in different places. I notice a bunch of amateurs who just copy and paste code to each other without knowing the Adwaita stylesheet and without testing things outside the widget factory. It’s not my distro or my graphics card, as long as I use the stock theme everything work.


In fact, since recently you can see for which desktop-environment the theme is meant.
In the download-page you see this:

You can see which GTK-version is supported, and you can see which desktop is supported. In the screenshot’s case: only GTK3 / only gnome 3.36 and gnome 3.38. Not anything else…Or we would have mentioned it.

It is , btw, also mentioned on the front-page of the theme:


This is all new (since last week) and is put there to address the frustration of both user and themer. Today, it is almost impossible to make a 'standard-theme that works in all situations. Even adwaita has flaws. Fragmentation is inevitable. This is why the tags are there: to make it clear in which environment the theme is meant to work. Not all themers out there have taken advantage of this yet, but they will when they need to update.

Next, maintaining a theme for older gtk-versions is not as straightforward as you might think. Even today people are still begging for a GTK 2.0 version while it is E.O.L. There is no support anymore for GTK 2. At the same time we (themers) are supposed to support the latest and newest (now with GTK4…) There is simply to much to keep up. And - may I remind you - we do this with zero-information, based on trial and error and experience. If Gnome were to build a proper theming-api, with good documentation, we would be able to make excellent themes. But in the end they still consider us ‘hackers’. Not worth the trouble.


All my recent themes are based on adwaita. So yes i know how the code is working. Can’t speak for all people here but most of us do. And of course we test the theme outside of widget-factory or awf.

Why the stock theme works without errors?
To tell you the bitter truth: It is coloured in a way even of there were ones you won’t notice them. In the end of the original ambiance(ubuntu default theme fornyears) it was full of bugs but these where hidden in a dark toolbar.

Yes i did see with a different user that in some conditions even the graphic driver can change how the theme gets drawn on the screen. Belueve me or not. He even made a video of it. Only one line was not exactly in sync with the adwaita code design there.

Funny fact you noted in a comment that compositing affects a theme experience yourself too.

Good comment.
The new versioning feature is a great help.
Also in the past most of us wrote for gtk version xyz. Or written for ubuntu mate or xfce, cinnamon or gnome shell version abc. So if a user tries to use it on gnome and the creator used xfce with gtk3-nocsd of course it looks broken on gnome shell.


Adding a label with the Gtk version, which I challenge any new user to know, doesn’t solve the main issue. You can’t put random colors and transparencies into every running app hoping it works. As soon as a new app is released, most likely something will fail again, especially with the release of Gtk4.


Most themes are not transparent. If you have issues with transparencies first check your compositing method or video driver. Compiz and sometimes other window managers are able to make windows transparent. Even on your so liked adwaita.
If i only change the color defintion from a light color value to another light color value and use adwaita code what would be broken in comparison to original adwaita? Nothing.

Gtk4 won’ t load gtk3 themes so no breaking there. It requires redesigm of some css parts but not that impossible.

Aha now you did find ??
Well we know that already. But we still make themes. Despite that damn article.

We can’t help gnome authors to imprive theming options. And why not? Cause theming options are getting reduced in every gtk release.Then css-/scss theme creators write hacky workarounds to force a look. Sometimes even a single line of code is taking 3 hrs to wite.

You wnat to have your desktop like old redmond or like macosx? Impossible if you stick on using adwaita.


If you look at the Pling count, there are around 5000 gtk themes. How long does it take to write one? A week? Well, almost 100 years have been spent creating themes and you can add another 100 for the icons. How many of these are in use? To me this is pure madness, but if you are convinced of what you do, go ahead, I don’t need any themes with Windows and Mac out there.



In this case all cursors are build & tested with clickgen. If you had a problem why not replied or created an issue on Github!



on my product, he never awnser where was the “bugs”