Total downloads for products in payout section different from actual downloads


My total downloads are way more less in payout section as compared to what they actually are in product section.

The case is same for all products, but for reference i will explain here with my one product.
So if i count total downloads from my this product just from latest R7 release.
Total downloads out to be 3627 (2564+778+152+133). But in payout section just for this product, it is marely 1457 downloads. My all other products are affected by this.

The case is same as this thread Shown download totals, via the past 24 hour period logged, are well short of what they actually are

Well i thought it is just a glitch. But it doesn’t go away. Hope you will fix it soon. Looking towards your response.

Thanks in advance

Hi thehitman7,

I took the file from the product and there are 1580 downloads for May and 1030 for this month. The numbers look correct. The payout overview is updated once a day and so the downloads of today are missing in the overview.

The Opendesktop team


Appreciate you respond. but this is from just one file. My every release has four different files as i currently support four different Android API versions. And the total download count for four different files under this product is way less then what they actually are. If i count all downloads that released under R7 tag then it out to be 2639+801+159+139 = 3738. But in payout section for particular product it is just 1457 in total. I will attach a screenshot of the same.


I hope I can clear up anything with this overview.

Downloads for Product 1364195 and Release R7:

  • (May 467, June 477)
  • (May 91, June 108)
  • (May 81, June 85)
  • (May 1580, June 1543)

Total: 4432 (May: 2219, June: 2213)

Payout today for June: 2359 (2184 from files above + 175 from older files).

Only the numbers from the point in time when the payout overview was generated are now missing: 81 (74 from files above + 7 from older files).

Ok i get it now. Download count from last month is excluded from june month. As my last update happen on may. I assume that the whole download count is added in next month too. Besides that there is some portion of downloads from last month too.

Thanks for explaining in brief.