Shown download totals, via the past 24 hour period logged, are well short of what they actually are


My shown totals, via the past 24 hour period logged, are way off from where they actually are.

When I add up, just the themes I have updated during past couple of weeks (not even all of them), I come up with 3617 downloads for the 24 hour period - but you are displaying a total of merely 1502 downloads for the 24 hour period.

I think this may be the first time this has ever happened; and therefore is plausibly due to some glitch in the system. Notwithstanding my team, between us, puts in around four to six hours per day – crafting and perfecting our themes for opendesktop users; and truly cannot sustain many more cutbacks.

Certainly, we highly value the opportunity to be part of the opendesktop family.

I did not receive any feedback via the DM I posted; and needed to make this issue known prior to the next payout log in a few hours. Please advise!

Best Regards,
Randall T. Lewis: Team Lead



I would like to know how you know how many downloads do you really have?

Hello, I am the assistant team lead, for rtl88Themes, Rikard Jungman.

I am glad you asked.

Every day, at approx 7:00AM (UTC), a screenshot is made, by me, of the ‘Downloads/Mediaviews payout’ totals for the 24 hour period (that page shows the running total for the month, and is supplied by opendesktop - and generally updated by then).

The next day, at approx 7:00AM (UTC), the past day’s screenshot amount is subtracted from the current day’s.

Very rarely do I miss a day; and the totals more or less add up to what the aggregate of our 55 themes represent in downloads. Yesterday’s numbers were wonky.


Rikard, you guys work too hard to keep things awesome for us, to just be ignored. They haven’t even pushed out a news thing in over a year, WTF. And I remember seeing some gross porn and Nazi pics up here, that they didn’t even take down for days. You work too hard for such crappy leaders to control this gig. I remember when it wasn’t like this though. Good luck dudes!! :sunny: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal:

It hasn’t been that long; do not forget there is a pandemic kinking things up for a lot of people. Nonetheless, we do appreciate your support very much, yolifromcc!

Yeah, no prob, but you guys are too professional to be jerked around. Keep you chin up ya’ll.

Hi rtl88,

I looked at the number of downloads from all of your products: you have an average of 2500 downloads per day. Neither the 04-27 or the 04-28 look different there.
The numbers for the payout overview may have been updated later.

Hi @rvs75

I see. Thank you for checking. As I indicated, in all my time here, this was the first instance that we noticed the running totals were missing over half of what Rikard added up. I do know the total stayed the same until the next day’s posting, regrettably.

My small team is made up of college professors and PhD students, who enjoy doing this for pocket change. We put $250.00 per month toward good a good cause, and divide up the other few dollars subsequent to that - it pays for coffee. We hope to one day put aside more for our ambition.

Thanks, again for the platform to engage our hobbies for a bit of good.

Best Regards,

As long as they all eventually come out in the wash, what more could we ask for. Randall does not have the time to keep up with all of the math - that is definitely my forte.

Thank you, for reaching out, @rvs75

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