Restriction of one update for week has disappeared

In the last few days I have noticed that the restriction that existed to prevent early updates, with less than a week from the previous release, from not appearing first in the list, now it no longer exists.

is this a planned change, or a bug?

Actually, no. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll take a look.

I work for a team here, and I noticed that our themes keep getting bumped off the main page too quick, because of a few themers who are pushing updates for the same theme every day or two. This is highly unfair to those of us who adhere to the long-standing ‘one update per week’ policy. What’s going on? Below is one I’ve seen updated four times in the past seven days, but there are a number of others as well. Thanks in advance for your attention vis-a-vis this.problem.

We have adjusted the parameters. Let’s see if it is better again now.

Now the updated products doesn’t appear on the main page :confused:

Which product? If you give me the URL I can have a look. Before that, when was the last time you updated it?

Hi, I’ve updated my products about 8 hours ago, before this update they had been updated one week ago

Those are the products:

The same case:

Problem again

Also the same problem with icons: “Aura-Dark-Icons” and “Aura-Light-Icons”

I am uncomfortable that I am again advertising, but the problem persists.

That’s fine. The algorithm should work again, but of course that’s now a problem for all the products you just updated. I don’t know if we can correct them all that quickly. But a colleague will have a look at it. Maybe I have overlooked something.

Thank You very much, dschinn-de.

Sadly the issue still persists for recently updated products

Strange … Ok, I take a look.

@eliverlara : It looks like the problem only affects this project: Kimi -

It worked for the other projects. I’m trying to find out what went wrong with the Kimi project during editing.

Hi dschinn-de

It’s not okay still there is a problem.

I have updated several Themes in the last two days, none appeared on the main page.

Ok, I’m on it

Can you tell me through which domain you updated the themes?

Screenshoot: Screenshot 20230418 115212 — Postimages

It only works fine when you check it specifically for a specific product, otherwise it doesn’t work for the other products