Restriction of one update for week has disappeared

Well, this one doesn’t seem to have a problem updating the same theme every 3 or 4 days…

This one of mine did not present on the front page or GTK3/4 page after around two hours from updating it. (there were ten days between this update) :neutral_face:

So, I guess there won’t be a consistent way to for the real themers to update our themes anymore at Pling? Please let us know so we can move on to a place that doesn’t waste out time and effort. If you don’t need us anymore, or no longer have the resources to accommodate us, most will understand, please just let us know. Thanks.

@rjungman This is not a case of a lack of resources, we are trying to ensure a fair system for all content creators on Pling and its subsites.

What in the world are you talking about, this is about fixing your broken updater. No one has been able to update (after more than a week in between) their themes for 2 or 3 days. Look at my comment on this same thread up top from 04/14/23. And while your at it, look at this screenshot from 2 & 1/2 days ago. That is the last time anyone has been able update a theme. I would think that trying to ensure a fair system for all content creators on Pling would include letting people who update their themes only after 7 days would imply actually having those themes appear on the front page. I don’t make a cent here, I have just been helping out other content creators for years. Things have been a wreck around here lately, are you defending that. I am here because I love to help.
Screenshot from 2023-04-20 05-27-13

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. We are sorry for the problems and are currently working on a solution to fix the errors as soon as possible.

While your at it, this is perhaps of interest:

I too am trying to ensure a fair system for all content creators on Pling. This is unbelievable, though, look at those dates. Some people are bold are they not? No prob, dschinn-de, you know what is happening, and I am sure you are trying to make it right. How is this themer hacking in and getting their updates in every couple of days, on the exact same theme, I wonder - when no one else can get a legit theme up after over 7 days in between?

I’ll say it very carefully … it should work normally again.

Hi dschinn-de, I concur (very carefully - so not to jinx it) updates are working as intended. Thanks for saving the week!

I am very grateful for the solution that was given to this problem, however I must report that the solution generated another problem,

now products with updates less than a week, never appear at the top of the list,

For example, if on 01/01/2023 I update a product and I do it again on 01/04/2023, and again on 01/09/2023.
In theory, on 01/09/2023, this product should appear at the beginning of the list, but it is not,

Another example is this product Apple-Catalina-Dark -, which despite the fact that a week ago it was at the top of the list, and today it was recently updated, it does not appear on the list, and this problem is related With the fact that this product was also updated on 05/03/2023, it obviously did not appear at the top of the list, since it had less than a week since it appeared, but today it should appear

According to my information, it should work exactly that way. And to stay with your example, if it hadn’t been for the update on 04.01.2023, the product would have been at the top of the list again.

But perhaps in future we should move away from pure time control and take additional parameters into account - for example, whether a new project release has been published.