Payout section

i think something wrong happened on payout sections.
all sections changed automatically . in last month.! at last moment , and i want to know why!
@moderatordesk @justinz @dschinn-de

Nothing happened automatically,those are intentionally.

and why thats happend?

i think i’cleard you about the section in my product auto spam reported post!.

Those are phone section related so adjusted

ohhhh!!! really???
have you confirmed it?
if yes ! than how bro?.

You already mentioned in description for phone performance increase,ram increase,etc after seeing this message you probably going to edit that.

oh so you judged by Ai generated description article .didn’t feel the need to check the internal files or talk to the devoloper?
and what if it was keep empty description?
and why some of our conversation was edited that i did not do?

This one clearly says everything

anothet thing is i used ai article generated to rank my projects on google. and you judged by its description ? really?

I’m saying description about of product not conversation. I don’t want any trouble here. I’m forward this to @dschinn-de

no, you told earlier that its changed intentionally .
and judged by its description .
you are the moderator and i think its belongs to you,before changed it you need to take clearance with dev / project owners team or test it by yours own.
wthout doing it you just changed it at last day of the month bro!? do you think its simple as you think?
i cleard you everything in my this issue but after my clearance you changed it তাও আবার একেবারে শেষের দিন! টিমের উপর কতটা ইম্পেক্ট পরছে এইটা কি জানেন?. @moderatordesk

and why you changed only latest updated projects? why not older projects that not updated yet?
is thia bcz those not have any description .

Admin don’t need to take permission from users to what to do or what not.if you have any issue with admins decision then you can just appeal or post it in discussion section,admin will review it .

We will do .

I don’t have all the day to work.this is not only you,many accounts products will be changed .

check your pm.

@dschinn-de sir?

Yes, I’m here. Sorry if I’m a little slow on the uptake, but is this about the products that have been moved to a different category? To date, we have always moved products that were in the wrong category to what we feel is the right category. So far, everything is normal from our point of view.
I’m not sure I understand the real problem. We could certainly improve the workflow, for example by sending an email informing you that a moderator or admin has changed the category. I don’t know if that would improve things.

Actually he want to mean that his category not only phone also pc related but as far I found all are phone related, yes technically his app also foor pc .I’m giving you one example.

We have android apps only for phone but we still can use it for pc by using some trick.but basically those apps are made for mobile only.
So all are belong to phone section.

So I moved many products to system os to phone categories.and for this he has issue