My 2 Pling account Deleted/disabled without any Notice

Hello opendesktop/pling team,

So, basically I had several work on my pling account mostly related to phone and my both I’d got deleted without any notice. If there was any issue regarding it i should have been warned, so I could correct it.
I even sents several emails and no one replied.

I will provide more details regarding my those I’d, if you want to know.
Even my earnings were not provided

Same think happened with one of my Developer friend too.

Username : santoshhh000
And sennttyy

Hey, I faced similar issue my previous accounts sahilsonar, roastedpotato were disabled/deleted too without any notice/warning for rectification from opendesktop/pling. Even my earnings were not provided.

Sorry to hear that. I hope they restore it soon. If it was some kind of glitch .

Cheating account will be removed without warning.


Cheating how?..
We post on our telegram device groups. There are many users there.

So all downloads are valid, if that is what you want to say.

Hi, maybe your product source url is not qualified? or licence?
I don’t have right to restore a deleted user. sorry.


Kindly check it.
If possible , please restore my accounts. And let me exactly know where I’m being wrong.

It’s hard work sir. If it gets deleted suddenly without any proper reason it hurts .
As well as all earnings is also gone.

Sometimes it shows disabled. Can you check

There were roms, magisk modules and custom recoveries.
Same happen with a well known rom developer in our device community.
His account was deleted/disabled too.

username ?

1st username

Later second username which also got deleted/disabled

santoshhh000 is activated.
please make sure all your products meet the following requirement.

Thank you so much sir for restoring.

you are welcome.

Hello sir, I am also a member of the same group and developer for begonia, alioth development would you please restore my account as well you can check I have correct licenses and also original work.

Username: roastedpotato, sahilsonar

Please sir, as santosh mentioned its hard work feels bad to see it being deleted without any reason :frowning:

I can assure you all licenses and source links provided are correct

is this your product ? POSP-alioth -
and you share the same product? POSP-Vayu/Bhima -
and this ?
and this ? POSP - Potato Open Sauce Project -

do your products meet following requirement?

The first one is me is mine rest are not, here you can check I belong to PotatoProject org

Sahil sir is one of our best dev :heart:.

Sir it’s basically a link to a common source of POSP - android custom os project. The same source can be used to build for other devices too so maybe that’s the reason why it’s mentioned in more than one post. But the builds are device-specific developer has to configure things so projects are very different from each other