Matrix chat first login: 504 timeout

Hello! Trying to log into chat in for the first time:
No luck: Request URL:
504 error (gateway timeout).
Riot web error message:

Error: Problem communicating with the given homeserver. (HTTP 504)

Any hints on what to check twice? :thinking:

What client are you using? I just tried the web interface and had no issue.

I also tried the official Matrix client Element with no issues.

Thank you for the reply!

No luck still :frowning: As mentioned, I’ve tried riot web deployed at

Also tried KDE NeoChat and element-io clients. Same 504 error (both with chrome and firefox in case of web clients) and tried two local ISPs (mobile and wired).

I’ve created new opendesktop account right now (, got email confirmation. I’m able to log in into forum, but not able to login into matrix chat, same 504 error at the first login.
Different homeservers (like matrix-org) are working fine with the same conditions though.

I’ve just tried Neochat logging out and re-adding the account, same in Element and the Riot web interface… :thinking: Maybe there is some issue with your account. I’ll get Alexander to check your account and see if something is wrong.

Must be a server’s problem, i have the same

I’m working on this issue. Will hopefully have it resolved very soon. Thank you all for your patience.

I will be doing server maintenance on Monday at 00:30 UTC which will likely resolve this issue.

Can you reveal what kind of server problems cause this malfunction? Have you identified the cause?

It’s to do with cross-site scripting, the current config is a little off. We are building a new server to resolve the issue. This will also make it easier for us to do maintenance on the server and keep it running nicely.

Is this solution, solution approach also sustainable? I see that there were problems with login in Matrix already in 2019 - s. [1] Can't login to Matrix chat (solved). I am in Fediverse as a user since 2016 - see Hubzilla [2]. Hubzilla is implemented as a decentralized network. An excerpt from the Hubzilla help:
[start of quote=“Hilfe: About (”]
Single Sign-on

Access Control Lists work for all channels in the grid due to our unique single sign-on technology. Most internal links provide an identity token which can be verified on other Hubzilla sites and used to control access to private resources. You login once to your home hub. After that, authentication to all Hubzilla resources is “magic”
[/end of quote]

As a Hubzilla beginner “Single Sign-on made in Hubzilla” [3] this feels unusual to get used to, but it’s actually like this - I register an account (strictly speaking an identity login-X@hub-Y.tld on ONE Hubzilla node(Hub Y)) and with the identity login-X@hub-Y.tld I can sign-on myself on all participating Hubs - without registration. Provided another hub Z allows me to log in. Which permissions I have after logging in on hub Z is determined by the provider of hub Z.

This “single sign-on made in Hubzilla” is one of the special features of Hubzilla and works flawlessly all the time. That’s why I describe this in such detail as a suggestion. Maybe it is worth to consider in the medium or longer term to apply the solution based on the magic “Single Sign-on made in Hubzilla” functionality also for the “Single Sign-on @”?

“Single Sign-on made in Hubzilla” is a mature, low-maintenance solution that has been in use for years and does not cause any additional effort for hub admins. Not unimportant - “Single sign-on made in Hubzilla” also feels very pleasant for a user, provides positive user experience.

[1] Can’t login to Matrix chat, 08.04.2019 - Can't login to Matrix chat (solved)
[2] Hubzilla -
[3] Single Sign-on in Hubzilla-Grid -