In the spotlight - what are the key display criteria

I’ve been wondering about the “spotlight” on the main page. Of course all content there gets more attention than anything below (some sections seem to be a little bit discriminated).
What are the actual selective criteria for content in this category? Is there a special algorithm or are all the topics manually chosen? Apart from the spotlight, what about the order of all the other categories?
I mean, being on the main page in a good, visible position is an important factor and should be fairly distributed.
I couldn’t find any info about that in the forum.

A week has passed, and there’s not a single statement about it?
Interestingly, the “spotlight” doesn’t seem to have changed either.
I can’t believe that the people in charge don’t know anything about it.

Hi unknown-spirit,

The products in spotlight are recently plinged products from supporters.


So the “spotlight” represents another view of this site: Recently plinged products
I’d recommend to put a hint somewhere about this fact.
Thanks for helping me to solve this riddle.

@maggiedong, what is it that is happening when someone is plinged? For instance, justinz - OpenDesktop Admin says “there is currently no way to directly support a content creator via Pling.” So then I make query of what is to pling mean actually?

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