I want to pling a great theme maker

I think I want for pling a great theme maker. I seem plings rolls out moster love and thanks for great theme maker. How is pling to me a theme user and it is money? You are my buddies 24 hours a day for real grit. (I want me to show a pling to a great theme maker… so I dont know how)

Sometimes I talk here and another folk say I am bad. This is a sad deal for me. I am Laotian and Cambodian and not Chinese so maybe no enemy I hope. I love all people but I still know lot of folk maybe no love a lot of folk. Sure remember, we all have Mama and love like think of all Mama. Thanks You!!

Hi @sengchanh-46 - there is currently no way to directly support a content creator via Pling, only a category but we will take this under advisement to see if something like this can be implemented. In the interim I’d suggest reaching out to the content creator directly, they may have a Patreon or PayPal address you can donate to.

Hello a good man! This great theme maker is my no for DM to ignore my love great theme. I do try and thanks you a good man :hugs: