How to return file back from the archive?

I accidentally deleted the old file when publishing an update for product, and not it is listed under “Archive”.

How can I bring the file back, so that users are able to see and download the older version in case they need? Thanks.

At the moment, unfortunately, we have not made the function available to users. But if you tell me which product (preferably the URL) and which file it is, then I as admin can make the file available again.

Thanks for response!

The product is KDE Snap Assist (
The file is:, version: 1.0, description: “Initial version”, 118 downloads, MD5 sum: 50d943ea752b643e1826b0712b79b019

I would be also happy if you could remove all the other archived files, which were my unsuccessful attempts to publish 1.1 update…

I was able to restore the file. Sorry, it took a little longer. Unfortunately, removing the other archived files is not possible at this time. I’ll put this on the ToDo list.