Can not download archived files, please help

Hi everybody,
I find an issue after the website was upgraded. It seems that the archived versions of many projects(themes, apps, …) can not be downloaded any more. The newest is not always the best. Is there someone know how to download them? Thank you!

Any particular project? So we can look into it.

Thank you.
IndigoMagic, a beautiful gtk3 theme, IndigoMagic - ; and CDE/Motif, another retro theme, CDE / Motif theme -, authors of these projects haven’t put their codes in some vcs I can access. So the only way to get the old versions is to click the download links in the file section of their homepages.
Before the upgrade of the site, the old versions are hided but still could be downloaded by clicking on the grey links.

Thanks for the info. I’ll pass it onto the team so they can look into what changed during the website refresh.

Thank you for your swift reply. Hope your website is getting better and better!

We have reactivated the links for the archived files. Please try again.

It works well! The archived files could be downloaded just like before. Thank you very much!