Didnt get april payment

does payouts have a date to release? i used to receive mine on the 6th of every month

I so did not receive yet.i got march’s payment on april 13,. Hut still not revived aprils🙂

Anyone having similar issue ? Few days ago Apr 2022 was showing the no of downloads and the possible payout that I’d recieve, but suddenly now it says no downloads and payout $0. @admins , can you please help ?

Yeah me too, I just created a new topic for that here

i got the same bug too

@opendesktop please response about this issue,
I ask some of my friends who have account on pling and create original products, they also having same issue (0$)
Its very disappointing and demotivation for all of us to face that type of things wirhout any notice.
creators expectations goes high when they saw their payouts.but when they saw $0 on their work its really very disappointing.
Hope you or other admin will clear this things to us with a notice or restore our deserving money.

Thanks In Advance.

On mine also, and I had March’s money cut by 8$ on the last day, then I saw that in April factors were set to cringely low, again I have no clue why, in May I noticed factors remained being set very low. We’re asked to be crystal clear or more with what we do (I don’t mean anything wrong), perhaps somebody could be clear and explain what’s going on with section factors, there’s only short info about that, that is likely to be cited, it’d be nice to know how to better adapt to this site? Perhaps I will create a post for that also, IDK.
Thank you

I also having this problem,i saw mostly everyone having this issue, idk why it happening, we have right to know everything clearly or may every priginal products creators dont have anything here