Arbitrarily Spamming with Down votes and Low Ratings on Several Top Themes

A user named “wrongvictim” is arbitrarily spamming with down votes and low ratings on several top themes. I think these kinds get removed because they’re fake ratings from competing themers, versus an authentic critical review. There are more than what’s referenced here in the screenshots.

If you look at all their comments they have given all the way up to and including a 10. wrongvictim - Eyecandy for your XFCE-Desktop -

When I looked at all the comments the highest one was a downvote. They have since made others, and now with commentary; but, only after my post. You referenced numbers after arriving 23 hours subsequent to my observation. It’s good to see all is well with things now.

I built several themes from the ground up at pling, and supported dozens of teams throughout this venue, during my four years here. One thing I’ve noticed while being a productive and supportive member is that you’re the only one to show up as a new themer and post a zillion reviews over the course of two days, many of them out of line and mean. Themers can’t help it if your equipment or installed dependencies don’t support their product. Moreover, those ridiculously low votes of yours are not representative of the huge number of other reviews on a given theme you decide to crap on - would there not be a bunch of other downvotes sharing the page with yours. I don’t know how they do things in where ever you call home, but, in most arenas, the new kid on the block doesn’t act like you have - barely through the door. As the days have unfolded, I can see now that your behavior is certainly not in violation of our policies - we are indeed Linux after all, and to-each-his-own I suppose. Good luck & welcome, wrongvictim! :wink: