I make investigation work at my IT job and this algorithms show this same new user

I think superchooser & wrongvictim are same fake thing. I make investigation work at my IT job and this algorithms show this same new user. There are the Venn diagram I apply that still show same.

We’ll take a look.

Thanks for a response dschinn-de :slight_smile:

Our testing indicates a “high likelihood” that this users of hasturtheunbeatable & ragnarthemighty are the same and the rating “moderate to high likelihood” that those above are both same thing as superchooser & wrongvictim. Something easily noticed same behavior is all four start out of first couple of day to put up a crazy number of commits that defy laws of logic x 4 - maybe one highly board soul could randomly appear like this in a blue moon.
The supporting numbers come from years of data available right here at pling. :slight_smile:

I like to keep good for a linux user that don’t need confusion with best theme with strange low rating etc. More time may could give us probable motive(s). :innocent:

(for just above part the edit function expire or something) I almost forget hasturtheunbeatable & ragnarthemighty are a famous hero then word “the” and then some specific hero trait. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Maybe they want to get caught? There is more we indicate and other posts here: eliverlara and here: Arbitrarily Spamming with Down votes and Low Ratings on Several Top Themes give clues to what we also see suggested in our two algorithms & Venn diagram tests models. At here: the pling guy justinz just dismiss this early warning and make reporter stand down but we at least see there is something close to proof now I am pretty sure.

Thank you for your information. The team will review the data and take action if our policies are violated.

Hello again my friends, you are still experiencing the insane condition, maybe you can ignore and have him/her making big giant joke of the store. The disturbed behavior remains a constant on all profile, as usual. The screenshot is reflect a dozen or so new profile. Do with it as you please, and I am sorry this storm of crazy affects your store.
Screenshot from 2023-06-04 2010-38

Thank you for the information. We are keeping an eye on the issue and will thoroughly check the newly registered users. We will continue to delete clearly recognizable fraudulent accounts. So far, they are leaving a clear data trail in our systems, but they are getting better.

It is a condition of attrition I suppose, but we are a community of allies. These two profiles and the one on screenshot are also still to be considered: mercylesspunisher shadowhuntress. :slight_smile: