Why is a new theme nit visible in the search list?

What has been done to the product gallery?
Why does my lastest gtk3 theme not show up there? Its findable with other products by tough.

Hello, thanks for the information. I think it’s the product: Luna Silver Mate and XFCE. At the moment it is displayed in the GTK3-Themes at 5 position and it can be found in the search. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to change that a product in the ALL category slips back relatively quickly. However, we will observe if there are major delays until a new product is visible in the overview or can be found in the search.

Best regards
opendesktop team

that is normal and to be honest its also fair. Other creators also need their chance to show of their wonderful artworks.

Since y<ears it was at the first ten lastest place after an hour for a new artwork. Now that seems tio be delayed tzo 5-6 hours which is indeed longer than usual, but also understandable and fine. Just thopught there was something wrong with the site.