Why Gtk theme sucks?


Let’s take a random theme with very high ratings:

How should be a good theme:

Maybe widgets are better done?

Unfortunately not. Can you tell a normal button from a toggled one? I can’t. I don’t even waste time describing the rest, you can judge yourself.

How should be a good theme:


Well, if you don’t like the current themes you can create your own and show the “horrible themers” the true
best practices.

On the other side if you cannot make a simple CSS thing and only whine about someone else’s CSS well…ignorants should not have a voice to begin with.


If you think I have to be a director to judge a movie, then ignore me. If you feel it’s just to insult someone, ignore me again. If you believe criticism doesn’t enjoy the same freedom as your fake “10”, then why are you still here?


You rated a 1 on one theme with the comment “made in china” I think that says enough about the kind of person you are…it’s also clear that you’re downrating everything in some strange effort at trolling, get a life seriously or back up your unfounded 1 ratings with reasons.


Moderators, can you ban this user?


Are you done? You have expressed your opinion, thank you and goodbye.


If you don’t like the current themes you can create your own as by creating your own theme, you can customize it anytime according to your own needs.