Where can I find this theme


Hi everybody. Does someone know where can I get the theme of this video

There’s a theme called crux which is very similar to that one, but in orange or purple, I have never seen that theme in red. Does someone know where can I find that theme, I’m really looking forward to finding it, and install it on my ubuntu 18.04, or if it’s possible in a computer with lubuntu. I don’t mind if I have to install ubuntu 10.04 or earlier to use the theme, cause it’s a very old computer that I don’t usually work with.

Thank you for your help



gtk_color_scheme = “fg_color:#000;bg_color:#d3d7cf;base_color:#fff;text_color:#000;selected_bg_color:#bd354d;selected_fg_color:#fff;tooltip_bg_color:#F5F5B5;tooltip_fg_color:#000


All that was changed was selected_bg_color.
So its no wonder you won`t find the theme, Maybe it was a color variant in the old crux distribution