When payment will start?

When payment will start it’s been long.usually it’s happened 9-10th day of month.but now 8days over almost. Please don’t mind payout should be between 1-5 day of month.because every company did payment maximum in 5th day of month.still we understand there are many work.so 10day is ok.but now 18days no payout.
Pling is going 10day delay .and @admin @opendesktop
did not give any clarification about that.on 11th day @dschinn-de sir told couple of days. But now 8 days over.
Payout is important for us also in time that’s why developers made content for user and choose this platform.and for that reason user did contribution.i know that admins are also doing contribution. But everything should be on time.

I’m sorry if my words hurt to any admin.

I understand bro. But please wait your money will not gone that I can assure you.this kind of situation never happened before,here we face some critical issue.thats why we can’t make payout.but dschinn sir trying very hard to solve this issue more then as soon as possible. Please be some patience

i can understand your pain,im also having issues with my team !i already paid someof my team members and now waitting for pling payput to do rest of them clear!!
and this months prob because of one important member of pling is afk from 19th june and her/his permission to do payouts is important to rest of admins!
i hope rest of admins will wait till 19th july than they’ll start payout!last this type of prob happened in february 2022 and that time i got my payout on 17th feb!
so dont be afraid yours,mines and everyone’s payout will be done asap as moderatordesk said!

Has anyone got that finally? I’m not anxious and I’m patient and even you could say your way that I’m some patients :), I know terms and that’s it’s not like doing for the company but it’d be quite dishearteningly unfair not to receive what was due for products that we shared, and I haven’t inflated downloads and other things, it was all honestly so I’m wavering how to go about that…

and have a good weekend everybody :slight_smile:

I recieved payout