What is the process for removing things that are not working?

For example, product where the download link is to an external site that no longer has the content, or where the content is just not the type that it is advertised to be and even if not per-se malicious, is actually SPAM?


  • This KDevelop App template is pointing at a Github repository that no longer exists, and when trying to download we get an error (this is specifically bad for people using the KDevelop “Get More Templates” dialog, as the error message is unreadable and the “install” button gets stuck).
  • This KDevelop App template and basically all the content from the user “thespambit” - these are Android operating systems and not KDevelop templates. Worse, some files include unlicensed copyrighted content.

I wish there was a button on the product page that we can click to raise a flag for a moderator to take a look. At this point, half of the list of KDevelop app templates is worthless junk.