Is ai generated wallpapers count as copyright image or not?

I feel that this is still a gray area. I am not aware of any legal precedents where something like this has been dealt with in court. Legislation is also lagging behind … at least in our country.
Personally, I also see the problem of who gets credit for the creative work. AI can be trained with data from copyrighted works. Nobody can say to what extent this has influenced the result.
And then there are the licensing terms and conditions of the platform used to generate the image.

I don’t know if anyone can give you a definitive answer.
We will probably create a separate category for the AI-generated images.

as far i know For a product to be copyrighted, a human creator is needed. AI-generated content can’t be copyrighted because it isn’t considered to be the work of a human creator.

i mean as far i researched

please check this quora article and provide me sure answer .

cz i bought envato elements subscription if ai generated wallpapers dont effect on my account than i will start creating wallpapers and icons.other wise i wont.

Do you mean affect your account as in payment?

no and yes,i mean that should not be any problem with my account (payment and terminated issue)

also wallpapers should be like this and other things.

another issue i have faced that is if any product is reported than we dont recived any mail.
and is to hard to find whixh product is reported for those who have much products .

or i should create an new account for this?:thinking:
i mean for avoid any possible effective outcome on my primary account ? if you guys dont have any idea about this or cant make any conclusion !

Hmm, maybe we should implement that.

Well, I think the article sums it up quite well. We are in a process where we as a global society have to define how we are going to deal with it in the future. Whether we ban it or whether we see it as a tool. It may be that each country will implement its own legal interpretation.

I can only give our position at this point.
We currently have no information that would lead us to ban such images or sanction the users.
However, we could receive a “take down notice” if users use a tool or platform whose terms of use do not allow further use on a platform such as ours. This is just one example.
Of course, we are concerned if our platform is now flooded with AI-generated images - which other users may not be so happy about. In theory, creators could use it to produce images on a conveyor belt.
At the moment we are asking ourselves whether we should create just one category for AI-generated images or duplicate the whole category for wallpapers.

so would i create a new account for that?

hello sir , Can I create a new account for this?

according to your last point ,here another point to be note : if anyone use good site for generate , than it would be hard to identify that ai generated or human art.
as you can see the photoa bellow.

I’d suggest for the moment creating a new account for anything you deem a risk. This way you can continue with your current work on your regular account and do any AI on the new account, that way when a decision is made there’s zero effect on your existing account/payments.

Thanks For the suggestion . i will do it.:handshake:

If it is decided to “ban” AI content in the future, wouldn’t it be better to inform users of a new AI policy before punishing them, since it’s not against the terms for the moment?

I agree that it’s a good idea to create a specific category for AI creations, as there are users who seem to value original human content, and I don’t think it’s fair that their human work gets lost among easy-to-generate AI art.

too early reply