Validate from moderator please check sir

Respected sir,
I just want to know is there any glitch in system?
Because I don’t know why it’s showing validate from moderator in every product which I had created.
Because I’m well known GitHub and XDA developer.

And using opendesktop from 2018 I guess.first time facing this issue maybe someone’s intentions to delete my product.

@justinz @dschinn-de sir you know me very well from can you please check what is the issue.

And my global username in Ankan005 (if you have any doubt then Google my username) so you will understand that my product are genuine also in every product i linked source code so.

@justinz sir can u please check?

Hey i checked your all products it’s seems genuine,and one thing that I have notice, your 4 product there no proper source code. i checked your GitHub account but didn’t find anything so kindly mention proper source code.

And wait for Admins they will revoke your reports.

Regards !

Sure sir i will do that,but give me some time currently I’m out of city and extracted codes are in my after reaching home I will update source code.
Thank you