USB Microphone not working Rpi4


I’ve been using regular Mycroft for a while now and I decided to set up Bigscreen today.

I’ve tried to follow the same steps to get my microphone working and I was able to successfully test it in the terminal, but when I went to Mycroft it didn’t detect the microphone at all.

I’ve followed:

Also while launching Youtube with my keyboard, the whole thing just froze. If there’s another place I should direct this question let me know.


Check if microphone shows up correctly in Audio Settings and is set as the default device, check with any other application if the microphone input works, For any further help with PulseAudio and specifically only Mycroft not recognizing your microphone you can ask on the official Mycroft Chat at


It’s correctly set as the default recording device in the audio settings. However, it has a red circle with a line through it. I’m not really sure what that red circle with the line means and I can’t make it go away. (Almost like it thinks my mic is muted or something)

When I go into the mycroft console, I can see that my microphone isn’t picking anything up.

If I unplug the USB microphone I get: ALSA lib pcm.c:8306:(snd_pcm_recover) overrun occurred. Maybe that’s normal, I just wanted to see what would happen when I unplug it.

I’ve been successful getting the microphone working on this exact same device with a Picroft install, and I even got it working on this Bigscreen install by editing my .asoundrc and confirmed it worked by recording audio using arecord. Mycroft/Bigscreen seems to detect the microphone, but doesn’t pick anything up.


it seems to be a mycroft issue and not a bigscreen issue if other applications work using the mic, one of the things to be try would be to update mycroft to latest version since the image ships a much older version than picroft, the mycroft-core installation on the image is a git install of the dev branch, you can try upgrading your installation to a newer version by going into mycroft-core folder in home dir, and run the following commands:

cd mycroft-core
git stash
git pull
followed by ./start-mycroft.debug to check everything is running
followed by a restart

Additionally a screen shot of the circle showing the red line would help.