Updated theme doesn't appear in the main page

The last days all Pling pages have not worked properly, and two days ago my update to the Skeuos theme failed. Today I’ve finally updated it but after an hour it doesn’t appear in the main page, probably because it was saved as updated the previous time.

Thanks for the support :wink:

I am having the same problem with my gnome shell theme, it doesn’t get listed. I have just sent an e-mail to the opendesktop-team.

It’s fixed now :+1:

@opendesktop App Addons not updated too. For example, i’m added Firefox icon theme and not seen this on latest category:

It’s not working again :frowning:
I’ve updated flat-remix icon theme and it has not been added to the main page

I have the same problem…

Hi everybody @opendesktop

I have the same problem

But, when I publish it under the category XFCE/XFWM my theme is listed, when I publish it under the category GTK3/GTK4 themes, it’s not listed in any place :sob::sob:

Hi akui,


added products get disappeared from the my products page

Hi @maggiedong @opendesktop

Thank you for your efforts.

The problem it’s only partially resolved: now the theme is on the main page of pling,com.
But it doesn’t appear when you search it in other pling releated sites, like gnome-look.org or xfce-look,org, and it does not appear when you search it in in the search bar.
Also, generally, the latest release order is not followed in pling: my theme, for example, results to be added 15 hours ago, but it’s behind themes added 6 days ago

@maggiedong @opendesktop

Now it seems to works OK

Thank you for your efforts

Thanks for your report.
Please aware,there is a 1 week cool-off period, where new updates do count towards the last major update.