Unusual low ratings in products

Not just one user:

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@eliverlara, this is bad, and now the moderator has amnesia, sorry for you guys :frowning:

Well, seems the moderators need to suspend new members registration until they find a solution to stop this flooding.
I’ve been a moderator about ten years on some forum and we could block registration at the IP address level.
We could see the IP address of all members when they registered.

Yes, something like that is called for @fblais. Although, at my cyber firm, we find an ip address that is in concert with offending behavior is often covered up with a proxy service, ultimately hiding any traces of the offender’s whereabouts. It is a regrettable debacle here where a tortured sole with no sense of purpose must use a large block of their time all day to do this mischief. It is indeed a sad story that this is what they have lived to do for more than two weeks now.

Hello @eliverlara! The fake profiles themetresatrometos and blueavenger are still troubling you and the rest of the store. I bring tis fact up to moderator yesterday, and include a screenshot of a dozen or so 1 & 2 rating all posted in just 2 minute time.

The moderator respond by only remove my post. Why you think they take some help away but keep the offender I point out here to keeping rampage the pling? To keep up with this pling store phenomenon I guess is a new hobby I want, to do the right thing in face of evil and ambivalence to it, so fascinating to me. :slight_smile:

Your post was removed due to insults. Your feedback is welcome on this platform but not while using insults to do so.

@dschinn-de and @siyuandong moderate the product content on the website. I know they are working to improve the situation so please be patient while we work towards a better solution to this issue.

I cannot post a comment or rating on your product. (Maybe because I just opened this account?)

So, I came here to tell you @eliverlara that your themes and icons are gorgeous. If I can figure where the button is to rate, I will gladly do so to counteract the trolls harrassing you.