UI on phone is completely worse

I want to request the opendesktop developers to work a little bit on their mobile site coz the UI of the website on smartphones is worse. Everything is misplaced and its difficult to use the website on phone. So, i want to request opendesktop to work on the UI of the website on smartphones.

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I agreed, it is impossible to answer at OpenDesktop on a phone, I requested it too in my other topic, but OpenDesktop developers seem to be too busy.

yeah its layout is completely disoriented and things are not in place.

I feel that behind the scenes there’s a lot happening and they’re working on it. It’s a huge database and depending on their implementation things can be tough to migrate. Even if you say it’s just the looks. There’s a lot more to it. The top bar is already being worked on lately although it’s a rather subtle change and I personally never have used it in years. But there’s things happening :slight_smile: