Ubuntu Touch for Ubuntu 20.04


Hi !

I installed the Ubuntu Touch for Ubuntu 20.04 themes but I don’t have the time and the items that appear on the right of the screen as in the second image !?

What did I miss?



Install Cairo.
I’m not sure the config for Cairo is included in the theme though.
It’s not part of the theme.
Anybody can install cairo and configure it the way he likes.
They provide doc and examples as far as I know.


Ok thanks i found cairo in ubuntu packages, i thought it was an extension.



In fact Cairo did not help me much, I am looking for the extension which is at the top of the image and which displays the time …




As-tu Gnome-tweaks installé?
S’appelle Ajustements lorsqu’on le roule.
Permet de configurer plus finement l’interface.


Yes of course but nothing about Cairo modules in extensions …

I am looking in the Cairo documentation for information on the cairo-dock-clock-plug-in



If you’re just looking for the clock in the top panel, you don’t need Cairo or extensions.
Use Gnome-tweaks to set it like you wish.


No I just want this extension:



Looks to be done with Cairo.
Can’t give more help but you’ll find info here in french:

Good luck!


Thanks a lot for your help…



I was confused, it was Conky, not Cairo…
Sorry for the mixup!

I see you’ve discovered it already.
I think you get an error because the http request probably doesn’t work.
But I can’t help more, sorry.


No that’s it, I made it work, indeed it was in conky-lua.
Thanks anyway !