To site maintainers


Sry to create one more topic because my issue was unsolved and i got no response from the maintainers . My previous post ( My account got disabled )
I am a user of pling from almost 2 years and all of a sudden my account ( aka believer ) got freezed along with my project download links . I dm @opendesktop & @maggiedong , i created a topic , i mailed but 0 response . As i have already said i have neither inflated downloads nor copied anybodies work still i am ready to correct any mistake i have made. Hope i will get my account back as soon as possible.

Still no response :sob:


Apparently no one cares about anything here anymore, a few months back i reported a ton of download inflators, people who post their product in other categories so they dont get affected by low pling factor, but no response from any volunteers or opendesktop but they instead flagged my product which i maintained for almost 2 years tirelessly.


Hi, this isn’t a problem, this is normal behaviour from the maintainers, and you may notice “Pling” is a private company, not an organization. Thus, they manage as they want, and they reply your important issues as they want!
As someone here “Discussion” once said to me, I quote: “If you are not satisfied how the company manages the site, you always have an alternative… Leave!”

Be safe… :peace_symbol: :love_you_gesture: