This Hate Speech Will be Reported to Blue Systems' Clement Lefebvre and ODIHR of Germany


Opendsktop is now in big trouble. It would have been different if someone would have taken these posts down, yet they stay for an entire day and night.

The ODIHR of Germany provides the criminal code that contains a sentencing provision applicable to any crime in the code - opendesktop is in violation.

Hate crime data are collected as part of its framework to address politically-motivated crimes. Data on hate crime and hate speech are collected together.

Clement Lefebvre, who is responsible for opendesktop, will of course be notified of this action, as well, and for the precise reason why. I am a black woman, and this is awful to just leave up here, and I can only image the feelings my Jewish sisters and brother are going through.

This was brought to my attention by my 16 year old granddaughter. Shame on you, opendesktop administrators - terrible leadership.


We have reacted as soon as possible, but anyone can help report it as spam and then it will be immediately no longer public, so moderators have time to review.
There unfortunately are no perfect systems, and we have a 24 hours reaction time. But with huge community, anyone can help report SPAM and this will be solved within minutes, and then longterm solved by moderators.
Thanks for keeping an eye and please help fight bad people trying to harm truly open systems (it is like a terrorist driving a truck through people, not much you can do to save people everywhere sadly).

Btw. please note Clement Lefebvre is not the admin of this project or involved in this personally, so no need to bother him.


What was the posting about?

Is this a joke or trolling about criminal investigation of a provider?


The offending material was deleted.