This account has been excluded from receiving plings, due to various misuses

I changed the category of my product a few days ago. Later I got a mail from the @moderatordesk asking me to correct it, and use the correct category. I fixed everything yesterday,

but today the account is like this,it was terminated. I have been using pling for more than 2 years. Never did this. This time i changed the category just to check it is nothing more than what % is paying in other category. My products are all system tools which I fixed yesterday

I have enough trust and faith in pling. So I request to all @admin & @moderates ( @justinz @maggiedong
@opendesktop @moderatordesk ) to fix my problem through consideration and analysis. And I apologize for the mistake, it won’t happen again. thank you

As far as I can see, your account has not been terminated or deleted. Your account is still usable. You were only excluded from the payouts for the plings. It will stay that way until the next month. As far as I can see.

@dschinn-de sir is thia bcause of i changed category or something else?
and its mean i cant get paid for one month?

is’nt there any way to consider it sir?

and if it will stay like that!

can i get payout the ammount on the account that i saw last time?

The way I see, you will be unlocked again next month and thus you receive money again. And it would be very nice if you would try to keep to the rules of this website. As I understand it, one of the triggers for your temporary blocking was the publication of session cookies for premium access for e.g. streaming service providers. We do not run a warez website and even if we do not always find everything, we are trying to keep this website clean. So, help us to keep everything clean here, then we can help you with our services.

yes thanks for reply and i understand that,also i accept about the cookies stuffs!
it wont happened again!!
im glad to hear that my account unlock in next month!
thanks for considered that!!

@dschinn-de the month is over but account still like that

@justinz @maggiedong
@opendesktop @moderatordesk

sir please release my account

@dschinn-de @moderatordesk @opendesktop @maggiedong @justinz sir please reply🙂

I think you account is dead af!
And they wont fixed it or maybe they forgot. You replying after 20 days🙄

Sir last month is over why dont you fix his account?:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

are you joking or what bro?

sir ,is this gonna fix or not?
if it will fix than can you tell me when?

We do not forget anyone :slight_smile:

@dschinn-de thanks for response .
can you tell me why it still not fixed?
or when it will fix?:slightly_smiling_face:
im swimming on depression ,please help!


awww thanks a lot sir.
it fixed.:face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye:
idk how can i thanks pling team.
agai im apology for my shit!:grin: