'This account has been excluded from receiving plings, due to various misuses’

Dear Sir/ Madam
I have problem with my payment. may payout bar has shown ’ This account has been excluded from receiving plings, due to various misuses’ what is my issue .i have been worked with pling correct and clean, plz give my payout and advice to me how to solve my errors. plz consider my problem .thanks

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I havent idea about my problem. This is the second time. plz give me to advice about my issues. i want to work with pling everyday. what is my problem is it about photo size, photo category or any way. plz advice me and solve this problem and give me my last month earning. I want your guide and help. thanks

We regret that. But it is the consequence of your actions. An example: If you simply collect images from other websites (such as Pixabay) and upload them to us, then you are violating copyrights and usually also the “Terms of Service” of the respective site. Even most wallpaper sites advertise that their images are free, further publication of the downloaded images is always excluded.

plz tell me how to solve this problem and give my last month payment…i want to advices with you about how to get images for upload pling. ( standard photo size, photo quality and how to get photo for upload). please consider my requests. i hope to work with pling correct guideline)

The problem is not the format of the images or their quality.
The problem is exclusively that it is not your work. And we will not be able to solve this problem.

Dear Sir / Madam,
I will surely correct my errors or mistakes. i understand my problem now. plz give me my last month payment. i have been hoped to use my last month earnings for my mother’s medicing. i hope pling team consider my request. now i have understand my errors. i will hope work with pling team everyday. plz consider my request.
thanks …

Acknowledge about a banned account
sir/ Madam,
My opendesktop account (nik11) has been removed from receiving pilings. The given message said, it has been removed due to various misuses. I would like to acknowledge misuse. Could you please be concerned?

Hi nik11,
we found massive fake downloads from your account. Sorry, your account are excluded from receiving plings from now on.


@nik11 : Another problem is the distribution of copyrighted images. We would like to ask you to remove them in the next few days. If this does not happen, we have the right to close your account.