There is a way to setup a continuous deployment from a app in Pling?


I like to use continuous integration tools to automatize my development lifecycle.
Tools such as Github Actions and Travis CI can run automatic tasks and also deploy artefacts on Github Releases, Snap Store, Servers with SSH etc.

There is a way to use these tools to update my application on Pling? Some CLI tool or something like this?


At you can use our service based on gitlab. There is a CI solution there.
Unfortunately, we still have no way of automatically integrating the result of the CI into pling. But we are working on it.


Continuous integration and deployment tools are what most people would think of when they hear “CI | CD”, though I believe it’s just one piece, starting here. Some of the most popular ci and cd tools for this part of the continuous deployment tools to consider in 2021. I hI have found Gitlab very useful on a variety of projects over the last year.
Gitlab is very easy to set up and work quite well, GitLab has an effective integrated bug tracking mechanism. Users can create tasks, comment and close them. Users can find an unlimited number of private repositories in GitLab. This service is completely free for basic users. I must suggest you to choose Gitlab.