The very bad condition of the phone section and Suggestions aswell


You are welcome


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Thanks for everyone who is discussing here.
During this month we will start looking into detailed users and products and try various ideas to improve the situation for authors who do unique work and not randomly upload tons of unsorted files in one product. Any help to to achieve this goal is much appreciated, we will also ask some questions and reply to you here.


You marked your prodcuts “Original”, so are you the original author of the apps?

Original means you did write an app from scratch or took some other code and modified it at least 60-70%. Otherwise, your product is not considered an Original, but a modification or simple clone, whichj is fine to upload, but will be valued a bit different in the future.


No, i am not the owner of APKs included in my package. I marked my product “original” on the basis of installer base which i wrote from zero. I have two products on pling from which only “BiTGApps Official” contain APKs. Another one has installer base only and that thing applied on main package. The APKs are not even hosted in my git repositories which i mentioned in my products.

The applicable ZIP exception license can be found here. and in no way stating that i am the owner of APKs included in BiTGApps builds. However i am retaining ownership for file, folder structure and installation scripts used in package. My product/project is neither a clone nor a modification of someone else work. The BiTGApps Project is only project and started by me. There is no similar project/clone of it before. There might be other third party gapps project but in no way linked to The BiTGApps Project.

This project is licensed under GPLv3 and license can be found here

Custom ROM developers can’t add google apps in their rom. Cyanogenmod received a cease and desist letter from Google when they included Google Apps in their ROM. That is the reason of having a gapps package. Indeed it include google apps.