The very bad condition of the phone section and Suggestions aswell


Wait till someone says your work is not authentic because you dont post changelogs


And i dont have to clarify a single thing to you, opendesktop will see what’s to be done further



Look at the commit history in my repository. It tells everything itself. My source link is valid. I properly managed my stuffs everywhere. On git, in my XDA posts and the page i hosted using github pages.


Please stop bluffing, you sound like some 8 yo


Listen buddy it is prohibited to use pling links on XDA. As xda is not a place for earning but for sharing knowledge. But still some users did the same. The xda mods didn’t know about it until someone reported or the mods check XDA posts itself one by one. The same goes to here volunteers help @opendesktop to clean trash from here like mods did on XDA.

I hope you get it.


Oh ok professional sir, but i dont see anyone discussing about xda here


I am referring an example here not actually discussing XDA developers.


And if @opendesktop ever cared, my pms would had been answered a long back, they dont check things, thats the reason scum like P-B-H lives here


The source he is giving is not forked i m seeing things. Also i don’t see any update to it also. U still don’t want anyone to point it out?


And yet again it comes back to the pling factor, you care, come here and cry because of the jealousy from the popularity other products gain over yours and your payout drops


They can’t check every product here one by one. That’s is just a waste of time. On users reporting they do act on it.


Why you dont try reporting first, its already hellhot here and no one’s coming to resolve it


I am no money seeking guy. I am happy with what i get and BiTGApps are popular enough.


If everyone just start spamming like you do it won’t be resolved either.


And 3rd thing no one appreciates your presence here, you may leave as this matter doesn’t concern you


First correct what u have been doing wrong and stop bashing everyone.


The thread creator isnt so happy


Stop acting like some grown up gentle guy, it wont take long before i post screenshots of your childish nature here


Well shows how you work on professional platforms. Not every place is to act childish you know.


Do i need to post yours ?