The "Become a Fan" button is broken

The “Become a Fan” is broken. When I click it the fan total goes backward… instead of adding a fan it takes one away. When I refresh the page it goes back to the original un-clicked total. This happened on both a desktop and also an icon theme. Just trying to show support and appreciation for their hard work :frowning:

Thank you for the information. We are looking into the error.

Yep, it’s doing it to me too, in the same way that timbowman23 explained. Sorry if you didn’t want the redundancy, I wasn’t for sure on that part. :grey_question: :question: :grey_question:

Is this to have fix or just like it is moving forward?

We have corrected the source code. Can you please try it again. If it doesn’t work for someone right away, please let us know.