Stupid comment removal request


Can you remove comment and rating for made by individual with nickname zezinho, that comment isn’t about product, it’s just picking about wrong section which isn’t that valid because documentaries or video-blog wouldn’t suit it and I think of lowrating like that as just rude? I have seen that individual rating short before, also on others’ prods. I think of such disheartening comments as annoying and sad and they would put me off from doing more.


More downvoting done on purpose by the same guy:


Hello, we don’t like the comment with the “down voting” either, but see no reason to delete this comment according to our rules.
But we created a new category and moved the product there. Now it should be in a correct category.
Our users have the possibility to change their voting. For example when a bug has been fixed. We would recommend addressing the user directly via the comment function and telling him that the problem has been fixed.
If he is fair, he corrects his voting.


I can’t agree. There could be some weighing on your part but there’s a threshold I’m not going to go below, I think you may have gone rules on top of rules or lenforcement way. I’ll also give an example of a comment for Avira antivir for Android that isn’t nicey but at least it’s good for something:

“Need very long time to scan. Need paid version to protect microphone, web & camera… Only 100 mb available for vpn.if a threat come, avira didn’t notify me. In that case Bitdefender is ever bast. If a threat come, BITDEFENDER is always notify me in the screen for threats ( free version), malware protection (also free version), 200 mb for vpn, give free web protection etc etc… Please notify this points…”

That’s what can be thought about and responded to.