Spammer at work again

Thanks for getting rid of him/her.

Done. thanks for letting us know.

And again, and again…

Please use the report function on the site or link to the relevant spam here, thanks.

Deleted :slight_smile:


I checked this guys profile,probably using bot or something 97 product in few days and download count are same for all products how its possible please check.

Spamming other products with links to his in the comments.

Thanks we’ll look into these.

This is the same guy,after blocked he made new account, 39 product in 1hr and i recognised his all products (because all are same) :smiling_face_with_tear:

Another user not active currently i think, but i check his products, all products are same download little bit difference like 260,270,290,.
Not any important videos or music also there just random things.please check if u found anything suspicious

Thanks! :+1:

Happy to help spam free community

@justinz sir as I told this is the same guy making fake account.

I’m just thiking that people are not tried of making fake products and fake account.probably he receiving pling since 1/2year . Hilarious :neutral_face::expressionless:

Another fake downloads detected

And again:

Thanks. excluded from pling.


And another one today:

Thanks in advance.

Deleted, thanks!