Hii i want to contribute my time on opendesktop and pling. Want to be an admin. I find some product there’s no source code. And huge fake downloads.
I wonder there’s nothing important there but huge is it.


I want to be in team for spam free community

Hi moderatordesk,

Thank you very much for your support. We really appreciate it!

You can click “Report SPAM” and post the list here. We will handle it as soon as possible.


Sure sir i will do that.

Here is another list.
Indian( Bollywood movies/web series) should not belong to here.
They are giving link.

As maggidong said, use the spam or misuse links on each product page and the team will take action as needed.

Okk spam option there only and I did report.

But after report there showing validate from moderator,and now I checked report gone so movie link allowed? Because it’s copyright.