Spam comments on my product page

I’m the creator of the DedSec and Dark Matter GRUB themes. I just noticed that a user nicknamed @farisrr created a new account just to comment on my two products and rate them poorly, with no logical explanation. It just appears to be an attempt to lower the overall rating.

Comment on DedSec GRUB theme
2022-08-12 05_51_33-Window

Comment on Dark Matter GRUB theme
2022-08-12 05_51_55-Window

If this was a reasonable comment with a low rating, I would have been fine with it, but this appears to be a spam account created just for this purpose.

@opendesktop could you please look into this for me?

In the first instance, I’d suggest trying to open a dialogue with the user, and ask them the reasoning for their rating.

Hi @justinz , I just send the user a DM asking about the reason and also asked as a comment in my product page. But what if there’s no reply? Can any action be taken in that case?
I mean the user’s read time is less that 1 minute.

Action can be taken if necessary of course, when did you send the DM?

Just a quick note the forums will be offline as per the announcement at the top of the page in around 6 minutes for a bit while we do maintenance.

Action can be taken if necessary of course

okay, thank you

when did you send the DM?

Just few minutes ago, after reading your first comment.

Not many users would likely monitor their Opendesktop inboxes every minute of the day, I think you’ll need to wait a day or two and see if they reply via the forums or your comment on the product page.

Hi @justinz , It has been a week and still no response or login from that user.