[SOLVED] Network Error 2: Connection closed -- Can't download Global Themes

I’m currently using EndeavourOS, with KDE Plasma installed, and I am attempting to install new Global Themes, but every time I go to Settings > Appearance > Get New Global Themes…, the window pops up, and says “Initializing…” and then cuts to “An Error Occurred – Network error 2: Connection closed,” and won’t let me install or search for any Themes.

I attempted to download and install using ocs, but then I just ended up with a failed download, with the error being a “Bad Gateway.”

I’m fairly sure that there’s something wrong on the Pling/KDE Store/Opendesktop side of things (Given the Bad Gateway error), but I wanted to verify and see, just in case there was something I’m missing that might be causing this issue.

Kernel: 5.13.8-arch1-1
Plasma: 5.22.4

it seems site maintenance bro.
just tried download a thing manually and got redirect to site maintenance page.

Well dang…

Hopefully it’s not under maintenance for too long, I tried downloading stuff the day prior too, but it wasn’t working then either.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion!

We have done some fixes and we believe this issue is now resolved, please let us know if you experience any further issues.



Did you select the mirror link? Please try the top link.

I’m marking this as solved as there’s been no reply.