[SOLVED] Docker ERROR: Preparation failed


I’m getting this message when pipeline starts:
ERROR: Preparation failed: adding cache volume: set volume permissions: running permission container "44b3c9dcc096cda7aab18742e0016572764550d413a1097fba846e0afda8dcbd" for volume "runner-gup5trke-project-1041-concurrent-0-cache-3c3f060a0374fc8bc39395164f415a70": starting permission container: Error response from daemon: error evaluating symlinks from mount source "/var/lib/docker/volumes/runner-gup5trke-project-1041-concurrent-0-cache-3c3f060a0374fc8bc39395164f415a70/_data": lstat /var/lib/docker/volumes/runner-gup5trke-project-1041-concurrent-0-cache-3c3f060a0374fc8bc39395164f415a70: no such file or directory (linux_set.go:105:0s)

A few days back it worked just fine.
It started to happen after I added variables to CD/CI - but it maybe coincidence.
Anyway I removed them - still the same error.
Tried other images as well, but no luck.
Also another of my repo works just fine with similar settings.
Please take a look at that.


Looking into this now, thank you for letting us know.

I have restarted one of your jobs and it appears to now be working. If you have any further issues please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Edit: Job appimage-amd64 (#9977) · Jobs · SeeLook / nootka · GitLab

Thank You a lot for fixing this issue!
And first of all thank You for maintaining opencode.net service - I like to use it very much.

I will extend this pipeline rules, so if something wrong will popup I will write.