(Solved) Can't download themes using Brave

Hi all,

I have never had this problem but now I am unable to download themes using Brave Browser. If click the link or the download button, it will show the pop-up window but the download button will be faded (there is countdown in firefox). If I use the install button, the “Open xdg-open” dialog box shows up, but nothing happens if I click the button (with firefox the same pop-up window appears but the process fails because of a missing ocs application, propably what would automate the install process but I am OK with moving the file manually).

Is there any way to make it possible to download the themes using Brave Browser?


I installed Brave and checked, and it’s their anti-tracker protection blocking the download from starting. After turning that off for pling.com, downloads worked. Firefox also has tracking protection but doesn’t stop this, so it must be something Brave is detecting that’s causing the issue.

That’s it. Thanks, mate

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