Serious Issues across various pling categories


As it is already known that the Phone ROMs/kernels section has turned into a leeching section by several useless products and download inflators, causing the pling factor to fall below 0.2 every month,
Now to evade it, a lot of useless people have started spamming phone roms and kernels in different pling sections which have higher pling factors.
Because of such people, the people who actually make things and post in correct categories, they have to suffer with lowered pling factors.
For example,

1)A phone rom posted in artworks section

2)Another rom in artworks

3)Phone rom in distros section

Something has to be done about it also, earlier also i personally suggested opendesktop how the download inflations were done using tor and autoclickers, and to use a captcha service to avoid it, but it seems the generous people who donate their hard earned money to keep pling alive are being looted by kids building phone roms and leeching every possible section.


Wallpapers - A bad downloading scheme here also. In comment this person admits to having a system using telegram app. I followed some of the links in comment and it goes or rather mentions " every click counts". There are so many downloading scams here at pling.


I forgot to mention that the same leechers have now started spamming products on kde store, but seems like opendesktop volunteers dont have time to deal with anything