SECTION FACTOR glitch or Issue in payment

Just two days back My section factor was around 0.35/0.37 and it was maintained from the last one or two months as my download counts raised.

but all of sudden yesterday it fell down to 0.21 for no reason and today I’m just seeing that it again fell down to 0.20.

I’m feeling like i’m being cheated. I’ve been using this platform from last two years almost, but never face such issues, but this time there is almost a drop of huge amount in payment. That’s really not fair.

Any help would be appreciated

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Hi… first of all you have not been cheated.
Let me explain the how things work, let’s suppose for rom/phone category 100 $ slotted and user are total 10 now . And factor rate is 1$ per 100 count.And 1 user got huge download from his product like 20000 download so he would not receive 200$ so including all 10 users download,and section factor will not exceed 100doller. If total download from 10 user below 10000 then you can also see section fectory might be 1.1/1.2$ per 100 download count

Section factor always adjusted day by day depends on download count,depends on how much donation had been done on that perticular categories.
The final section rate determine on the last day of month

is mediaview also counted and add some.ammount for that?:thinking:

im telling this

maximum of my files users are come from telegram.
and there is very low possibility to come here through link shorter and they did not download the file.
just visit the page and leave. (1k+ visitors and 197 downlods?) everytime i post or repost it on my tg channel i saw perdays minimum downpoad was 1700-1800 (last 27 hours) but this happening from last month.

can you please check its ok or any glitch appear in my account ?.

Dschinn can help on this matter. is the terms of the payout system and specifies:

This payout service is completely voluntarily. It is within Hive01's full rights to decide at any time:

a) when and

b) how much of the shown calculated amount is to be paid or

c) to cancel partly or complete payment without giving any reasons (reasons are most likely cheating or inflating download numbers).

d) Any PLING-FACTOR can be changed at any time and any rate (even to "0") to adjust the payout amount for products, even for a previous still to-be-paid-out pending month as long as it has not been paid out yet.

Please have patience, there is no need to ping people, you will get a reply once the payouts team has reviewed the situation.

ok first of all my 80% of users come here through my tg channels. and 20% of them come through Some youtubers who review my projecta and from my websites.

on my tg and yt videos everyone used link shorter .
so if a user bypass shortlik for a project than they must come here for download thw file,but im seeing this page view 1k+ and download 200/150 from.last month.

also i see download number is greater than page view on my blu-red icon .

its a glitch or something!

and according to my analyses if people download from

here than it dont count and if people download from files than it count.

my analyses can be wrong. please check it.

A few things are now getting mixed up and we need to sort them out.
Let’s start with your icon set. This can also be downloaded via our API, for example. However, no page view is saved. Last month, many people downloaded your icon set via the API. The downloads may therefore be higher than the page views.
The situation is slightly different with your system tools. I can’t imagine that we’re not counting something there - but I can look into the thing.