Request for removing FAKE accounts along rating


My humble request to @opendesktop team to look at these accounts.

Creator’s original account
His fake accounts



He even voted all his own projects.

This is supposed to be fixed, but all the self-ratings are still there


I don’t Know what this guy wants those people are My friends and they are using the themes so i told them to create account and rate me


One more fake account of @abhishekzambare .


Hey bro it’s not me and not one of my friend also
So go ahed and check the account

But don’t put my name again


Hey bro. Aren’t you tired of stealing someone else’s work?


@opendesktop Please see duplicate files:
mkdir diff; cd diff
git clone
# remove OSX-version elementary-add (that only change color on tray icons)
rm -rf elementary-add/elementary-add-osx
git clone
# remove Dark, Light, ePapirus versions
rm -rf papirus-icon-theme/{ePapirus,Papirus-Dark,Papirus-Light}
git clone
git clone
# find duplicates
fdupes -r * > result.txt
# remove empty lines
sed -i ‘/^$/d’ result.txt

14200 enteries


Here attached result:


@abhishekzambare stole our 7100 icons on two different themes with copyright infringement, create fake accounts for rating…


hello gays,
First create a new topic for your icons issue because fake account topic is over and there are not fake accounts on the first place

I just told my two friends to rate me nothing more than that and OpenDesktop is free to test that because I told my friends not to rate me now for my new products if that is the issue.

Comming to your icons topic you have GPL-3 licence on your repository so i used it so whats the problem in using that and one of those project is dead so i modified it and added more things for new version of linux desktops.


And also i have YouTube channel Abhishek Linuxer
so some of ratings might come form that and you are also free to subscribe


@abhishekzambare @opendesktop @x-varlesh-x


In short , We don’t have any permits to release software binaries to public without source code. Also, Your both projects aren’t fall-under GPLv3. see below

Questions (@abhishekzambare)
  • Why you uploading theme binaries on GitHub without referencing AUTHORS and SOURCE CODE?
  • is only place for marketing!
  • Why you are releasing version on opendesktop or pling only? (Why not on GitHub)
GPL Topics:


Heee gay, I’m still confused about your friends!

Heee guy, I’m still confused about your friends!


@abhishekzambare I’m not gay! I am not against forks, but You remove AUTHORS - YOU NOT DRAW THIS 7100 icons and not didn’t waste time on it.
If you don’t want add our names to AUTHORS - remove all this 7100 icons. Because it’s not your work, not your idea, not your design and source code!!! You are violating copyright.


Well I don’t know much about licencing
I just select Licence when I create GitHub repository

I will add authors names to all my products from the base repositories

Will that be ok to solve the issue