Refusing Products for Windows OS

Hi, I uploaded cursors for both Linux and windows, but I got a lot of comments objecting the windows products. and some users rated my all cursors to 1 and some reported my all cursors and I got a notifications saying “Product will be validate from moderator”. I think there is a misunderstanding here. so if I made something wrong please, let me know. but if I didn’t make anything wrong, please, I’m asking to delete these annoying comments and the unfair rating and the “validate” notification form my products. Thank. Regards.

It would help if you linked to some examples of this issue. While Pling is an open source focussed site, wallpapers and some other applications and customizations can be used on Windows. If you see comments of concern, you can also report them, and our team will investigate them.

Thanks a lot for the clarification, I feel good to know the misunderstanding wasn’t from my side. here are some screenshots, and I hope for a proper action. Thanks. Regards.

@dschinn-de maybe we need a Windows cursors category so we can provide these products without being included in GNOME etc filters.

Yes Yes Yes, I think so. and till that, I hope at least removing the statement of “Product will be validate from moderator” from my pages.
Thanks a lot.

I know how an admin is busy, but because I’m making YouTube tutorials to spread my work, I couldn’t wait more for the removing of “Product will be validated from moderator”.
So I want to inform you that I unpublished the marked products and I uploaded them again, and after the payout this month I will delete them.
I just couldn’t record a video with this red notification at the top of my work. I hope you understand.
by the way, this is my YouTube channel:
happy new year to you, and thanks.